Like humans...Canoes come in many different shapes and sizes depending upon the desired use. This boat comes with two paddles and is ideal for sea water travel off the shores of Vancover and other Islands...its long enough and wide enough for local waters... is unsinkable plus has a keel as well as a place to clamp a small calm to moderate to iffy weather this boat will take you on your journey and bring you back. IF...{always the if eh?} If you have the survival skills to load a boat properly and navigate local will Love this canoe and thrive later telling many tales of your west coast journeys.
Age unknown... Circa ...?
Fiberglas hand laid up with wood trim; traditional bow design, flared hull sides with shallow archbottom
Beamy 36 inch width amidships with full keel for stable ocean use
Hull stiffening: bilge cross ribs as well as full length gunnels strapping stem to stern
Unsinkable; fore and aft floatation air-chambers: sealed fiberglas resin coated stem and stern
Port side motor mount (translates to: LEFT HAND steering...if you use a motor up to 4 HP: No higher
4 bilge lashing points for gear tie-down security also
Fore and aft lift rings usable for dock lines as well
2 slat seats, 2 traditional wood paddles,
Legal gear: throw-line, whistle, flashlight, in bailer
Recently restored; needs touch up paint...otherwise its ready to go
Located near Deep Bay
CASH $ 1,700 obo